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I believe my job extends beyond the lens. At my core is capturing REAL moments amongst families. But what gives me the greatest joy in my job, is helping each family create a space where those photos can live FOREVER. Too many pictures these days are lost on some CD or hard drive; I love helping create places for memories that warm a family’s home and hearts.
— Michelle Mattox
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by: Twig and Olive Photography - The Mattox Family 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by: Twig and Olive Photography - The Mattox Family 2015

I could say that photography was my first love before meeting my husband Ryan and having three beautiful daughters. Born and raised in San Diego, I have been snapping photos since I could hold a camera...we're talking hundreds of rolls of film from the San Diego Zoo. It really wasn't until high school, spending three years in photography, where I absolutely fell in love with art and the process of photography. I continued my education in college and graduated with a degree in Media Communications from the University of San Diego. I then worked as a television producer before starting my greatest job, becoming a mother.

My three girls changed my world. Lola, Ellie and Marlowe (beyond giving me the greatest gift of being their Momma), gave me the gift to once again follow my passion for photography. Nothing makes me happier than capturing life’s precious moments and “making them real”…freezing that instant to keep forever and share for generations to come.

“Memories made real."  I want to make your memories a real. I want to capture beautiful images of you, your family, and those whom you love the most. I hope to help you create something with those photos: a gallery wall, a keepsake book, or an album. Designing a space in your home for those images to live, is what truly sets me apart from other artists, and I absolutely adore this part of my job.

I still remember looking through my grandmother’s photo albums and reliving all the fun we had! It brings back memories and helps me remember things and people I had forgotten until I saw the photos. Life rolls on. We inevitably lose people we love, or we may grow apart, but photography allows us to have one thing forever: memories that we can hold, see, touch and share.

I recently lost my dad to cancer. It was way too soon; it broke my heart. I’m so glad I have so many photos of him, of us, and of him with my children. The photos help keep his memory alive, and bring me so much comfort. My kids will know who he was through pictures and stories, and that gives me peace.

Photos can truly freeze time… and I just can’t get enough!