Baby Torrey's birth story

Birth photography is quickly becoming my favorite thing to capture.  I love the rawness of it and the heartfelt emotion in each image.  It's not about the perfect shot, the best lighting or crazy editing.  It's telling a story, exactly the way it happened, documenting real life.

It is powerful. You can feel a mother's pain in labor through the intense work of pushing. Followed by the overwhelming happiness and consuming love when she holds her baby for the first time.  The connection between partners looking at their creation, their baby together for the first time is beyond any words could describe. Birth photography captures these intense moments that happen so fast and are forgotten too soon.  It's a time a lot of new parents don't think about documenting, but is such powerful thing to keep and look back on. 

This is baby Torrey's birth story....

Momma Kirista is a beautiful mother and wonderful friend of mine.  She's devoted to all things natural and holistic; especially when it comes to her children.  Her first son Bryson is almost 3 years old and was born naturally in a hospital.  Kirista quickly decided her next child would be born at home, on her terms.  She was surrounded by family. Her husband Brett, their son Bryson and her mother were all there.  She also had a wonderful midwife and doula by her side. She labored in a pool of water and had the birth experience she always wanted.  She is so brave and strong; always following her heart and convictions, even in the face of criticism and misunderstanding.   I'm so proud of her and was honored to be a part of her story....enjoy.